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If you encounter any problem/issue with your jamvee™ session which you believe is a “critical” or “major” IMMEDIATELY capture a core dump for investigation

1. Click on History icon on the main jamvee™ window and then
Click on the Logs button to open the 'bin' folder (the default location where jamvee™ store its configuration files)

2. Select the LOG File from the bin folder (ManualCoreDump-Account ID Number)

3. Attach the LOG File in an email and send it to

4. Note that on a Windows PC you can press the F11 Key to directly open the folder containing the manual core dumps.

You will have received an invitation to attend a jamvee™ conference from someone who is hosting the meeting. As jamvee™ follows a “host-pays” model, you will not need to pay any additional payments to access the service and attend the meeting - the host is paying for you.

The invitation will contain the PIN number, time and date information and the options available for connecting to the service.

You will need the PIN to access the jamvee conference at the agreed time and date shown on your invitation.

While the invitation is likely to have arrived to you via email, jamvee™ is an on-demand service, so a meeting can be set-up immediately, and the host may choose to communicate the details via voice, Instant Message, text etc.

Once you have the PIN and the start time/date, you need to determine what equipment you have available to you to join the jamvee™ meeting. A list of known compatible equipment is available - Compatibility List - however, as the service is designed to work with equipment that conform to industry standards, it may be possible to connect even if your equipment is not specifically listed.

We recommend that you use the self-certification testing process outlined in the Self-Certification user guide if you are uncertain. If you do not have a suitable solution, a free jamvee™ conferencing application is available that runs on a number of platforms (PC, Mac, Tablets and Smartphones). You can register and download it for your chosen device from -

To access the jamvee™ service you need to determine the best method to achieve this. Typically this will be via the internet (, but other options are available depending on whether you have access to pre-existing video conferencing equipment from Tata Communications (or our partners) and how your IT department has configured your network for video conferencing. For more information please see FAQ: “How do I dial into jamvee™ once I have an account and active PINs?

When the time/date arrives for the meeting, simply access the jamvee™ conferencing service using your preferred device/software.

You will hear a welcome message requesting that you to enter a PIN number. This is the participant PIN provided to you by the host of the meeting. Enter in the PIN number. All callers remain in the ‘lobby’ listening to music until the host and at least one participant joins the conference at which point the conference is initiated and all the participants can see and/or hear each other. Each subsequent participant that joins the call will be automatically transferred into the conference. An audio-only participant will be announced when they enter or leave the call.

You can leave the conference at any time by simply hanging-up.
If you are inadvertently disconnected, for whatever reason, you can dial back in using the PIN you were provided with – assuming the host is still running the meeting.

As you are hosting the meeting, you need to provide your guests with your personal Participant PIN code, via a suitable method of your choice, such as email, calendar tool, phone etc. The participant PIN can be found in the email that is sent when you sign up to jamvee™ and can also be found in your account details on the web portal you use to access the jamvee™ service.

As jamvee™ meetings can be held on-demand there is no need to schedule a meeting ahead of time. It operates on the same core principles as the audio conferencing systems most people are familiar with.

Then, at the appropriate time and date, simply dial into jamvee™ using the details for the access method you use, and type in your host PIN number when requested to do so by the automated operator. All callers remain in the meeting ‘lobby’ listening to music until you as the host enters your host PIN, at which point the conference is initiated and all the participants can see and hear each other. Each subsequent participant that joins the call will be automatically transferred into the conference (and their presence announced if they are an audio-only participant).

You do not need to specifically manage attendees during the call as the selection of which attendee is displayed in the main window is determined automatically based on who is speaking. As a host it is advisable to request that attendees mute their audio until they wish to speak – as this reduces the possibility of a distracting background noise interfering with the meeting.

In Summary

1. Send out your Participant PIN to your attendees

2. Send out a link to download the jamvee™ free application ( to those attendees who may need suitable software to access the conference

3. Send out the link to the audio-only dial-in numbers, for those guests who do not have a video device

4. At the appropriate date and time, access the jamvee™ service and use your Host PIN code when you dial in. This will open up the meeting to you and your guests.

Jamvee™ is an innovative, cloud-based, video conferencing service from Tata Communications that makes it easy for anyone, anywhere, to run or join, a high-quality multi-participant video meeting - as they want, when they want, without the need to schedule it.

It provides multi-participant video communication with any suitable video-capable device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) connected to the Tata Communications network, via the internet or private link – enabling a level of voice and video quality far in advance of services offered by internet-only video conferencing providers. It even supports audio-only participation for those times when a guest may not have access to a video-capable device.

Jamvee™ meetings deliver faster results, saving money and enabling people to communicate more naturally, wherever they are in the world. Easy to set-up and use, they can change how you do business, extending the acknowledged benefits of video communication to colleagues, partners, and suppliers.

With cost-effective packages and in-built support for a huge range of video conferencing equipment, together with free jamvee™ software available to download for those who don’t have an existing video conferencing solution, it’s easy to get together today with jamvee™.