Why Jamvee™?

Jamvee™ is a simple, cloud-based service that lets everyone conduct video meetings with internal teams, customers, partners and suppliers at any time by using any standards-based video device or system - including support for audio-only users.

Jamvee™ meetings are more efficient, bringing faster results and reliable conclusions, saving money and allowing people to communicate naturally, wherever they are in the world.

Easy to set up and use, jamvee™ meetings can help change how you do business, extending the acknowledged benefits of face-to-face communication to all of your colleagues, partners and suppliers.

With cost-effective packages, in-built support for a huge range of video conferencing equipment and free jamvee™ software available to download for those who don't have an existing video conferencing solution, it's easy to get together today with jamvee™.

Download the jamvee™ video app for your desktop, laptop or handheld device.

We all know face-to-face video meetings are more engaging and effective than audio conferences, but until now only a few people could join them. The new jamvee™ on-demand video conferencing service from Tata Communications removes all the barriers to using video in meetings - so everyone can join in, easily.

  • Easy to use PIN access
  • Free, easy-to use jamvee™ video conferencing application available to everyone
  • Built-in interoperability between manufacturers (Polycom, Cisco, etc) and standards (TIP, SIP, H.232 & H.320)
  • Users can pre-test their connection before a meeting
  • Cost effective packages, based on a simple host-pays model

Now all your room systems, video terminals, soft clients, smartphones and tablets can dial into the same meeting, using a single PIN. It's the first cloud-based video bridge with a global, Tier 1 network attached - making the benefits of multi-way visual communication obvious to all.

  • Suitable for prosumers, consultants, enterprises and global corporations
  • Supports multiple platforms - immersive Telepresence, video conferencing equipment, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Supports Windows 8, 7, XP SP3, Mac OS X 10.6 and above, iOS6x and Android
  • Audio-only callers can participate in jamvee™ meetings
  • Presentation sharing support

While new start-up providers offer a superficially similar service, they do not support 1080p quality on immersive Telepresence connections. They also rely on the internet, as they do not have their own dedicated global infrastructure, and 24-hour hotline support is often a premium option. Out service is different: It is built around dedicated hardware supplied by established equipment providers, to deliver the best possible performance and reliability - at a cost competitive price.

  • 24/7/365 hotline support included
  • Supports 1080p video quality on immersive endpoints
  • Utilises Cisco ActivePresence™ technology to offer the most engaging meeting experience possible
  • Individual users quality is unaffected by other users, irrespective of the number of attendees
  • Hardware based MCU for best possible performance

Many cloud services only run via the Internet and claim they're global. That won't work for all video meetings due to the variable nature of the connections.

Jamvee™ on-demand video conferencing runs on one of the world's biggest, most resilient Tier 1 global networks, for a consistently great video experience.
  • Cloud based - so no hardware or software to buy, or configure, manage, maintain and upgrade
  • Internet and dedicated connections (MPLS, ISDN) supported - and PSTN for audio-only
  • Access via multiple global POPs delivers enhanced quality-of-service
  • Utilises resilient, global network, designed for low-latency, high-bandwidth, symmetrical video traffic
  • Connection with nearly 100% of all the Telepresence public rooms around the world, including ours